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domingo, 14 de marzo de 2021

Music Survivor Manual 2020

Survival manual if your neighbors like sound pollution:

-If it's night and the volume is very strong you should be able to call the police

-have at hand a mp3 track with white noise/pink noise, earplugs (optional) and a connected speaker or guitar amplifier to put the track as a sound shield

-live alone in the countryside (best option)

-visit your neighbors with a m-14 

-if you're a expert nerd you could make a cancellation noise by copying the original sound font and using it again itself 

With the second option you can emascate the sound that comes to your home and you are entitled to make that noise just like your neighbor to have a bad musical taste. It can be also annoying, but what do you prefer? A little white noise that could be from an old TV or listen bad music? 

Stay in harmony

This in the 70s couldn't happen because even the worst music, you may not like it but it did not reach the point of being unpleasant

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